When The Going Gets Tough…

There is an advertisement….that says…
“When the going gets tough…The tough gets going”
I don’t exactly remember what it sells …but
Now days I think my life is something similar to that.

Some time back one of my friends told me that….
“You are quite opposite of what your name denotes….
Instead of weak, you are quite strong….and
Instead of being dependent, you are quite independent”.

At that time I just took it as a compliment and forgot.
I never realized that one day…I have to take it literally!
I have to fully engross in what my friend said and face life …in the toughest times!

And now I really realize…what I am truly capable of.
How strong I am mentally…
How independent I am actually…

And let me tell you
Once you leave all the fears aside
Once you keep all the doubts aside

There is none who can defeat you…
The one who wins over self…
Is a winner in life!


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