Keep the relationship alive…

Last week I met with an incident …which made me to realize…how often we ignore the actual and look for something which is of less importance or of no importance at all.

Especially with reference to the relationships

We ignore the real value of the person…the real thing we are getting from the relationship

And we get stucked up with some silly expectation/ look for something that doesn’t actually have any  value/meaning.

I think… most often the problem in a relationship begins when a person becomes greedy ….like expecting everything to fall in palate

We start bothering about all…How, what, when, why and ignore the very intricacy of a relation…the thing called trust!!

We start expecting things beyond limits

Most importantly all the small petty things which are of no importance in actual life

We start giving weightage to all that nonsense stuff of forgetting the reality of a relationship!

When I am young…I have studied the story of golden goose! 
The greedy owner… kills it in anticipation of having all at one stroke.

In spite of all those moral stories….still people behave like fools…

They won’t realize…the actual essence of a thing….
rather prefer to go  for the virtual

When will they start seeing beyond benefits…and keep the relationship alive…

Instead of curtailing it and maintaining it!!!!!!


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