Wake Up and Love...

Let there be hundred hurdles
Let there be thousand barriers

When you know what you want in life
When you are firm with your thoughts

No one can stop you
Just aim right…
It’s time to wake up and love

With love on your mind
With love in your heart
Take love into your stride
And make  love your path

Just go ahead my dear
Never look back…

Because when you are with love
And when love beholds you

You never stumble upon
Life will never be barren

All you need to do is…
 Keep your spirits high

Just wake up and love
Just wake up and love

(for Verse First : Wake Up and Love at Poets United)


Sherry Blue Sky said…
A great prescription for happiness. Thank you.
Adura Ojo said…
Lovely thoughts shared. Thank you.
So true - love can make life feel less barren!
Lasha M said…
I love the way u have used the words wonderful

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