Alone you come and go.....

Sitting all alone

Trying to look inwards

Into the unfound territories of self

Into the unmindful thoughts of soul

Being alone brings you close …

Close to the forgotten you

Close to the real you

Ponder …wonder…

Thoughts will gain senses

Makes you fly high in the skies

Where there are no limits

Where are there are no compulsions

Alone you will travel those paths

That makes you realize life track

Life is just an interlude

Alone you come and go

Sharing is just a phase

Learn the art of being single

Till you reach heaven in peace!

(For Poetry Jam: ALONE)


mrs-minerva said…
This is such a great advice to bear in mind! We all need some time alone to get to know ourselves better; that's the only way we can be who we really are. Only when we're alone, since there's no one to judge us, we can always be "the real you". I can't think of a better way to put this feeling down in words!

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