Yes I just want to know…. Why I love you so much

Down the lane of life

I don’t exactly remember

When we met and where we met

I don’t even know...the reasons

The exact reasons behind our bonding

Relation is not a straight line

It can’t be given by Y= mx+c

It goes beyond why...

It goes beyond how…

Relation is not a reaction

It can’t be given as 2H+O= H2O

It goes beyond charges

It goes beyond elements

Relation is not a process

It can’t be given by a theory

It goes beyond Newton

It goes beyond Einstein

We have invented science

The things that changed our lives

But yet we can’t explain

Why we love only someone

Why not just anyone

Can anyone put forth a theory

Can someone give an equation?

Or at least can explain the reaction

What makes two hearts tickle?

What makes them perfect couple?

What keeps their love to dazzle?

Yes I just want to know….

Why I love you so much

(For poets United :Poetry Pantry#204)


Brian Miller said…
if love could be calculated in a formula...would we really want it? the mystery of it all is what makes it so enticing...i like your thoughts on how we use science to try and explain things...some things we just can not...
PT said…
So true.. Brian.
but sometimes the inexplicit nature of love is so glaring that.. we want to know the reasons behind it.
Vandana Sharma said…
You have beautifully put your views and there is no logical reason for love, it just happens!
Slowleaener68 said…
Love is not bound by equation,it can not be measured as its not just happens n lucky r those who love n get happy that ur lucky.

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