History Repeats Itself!

Standing tall...all through the history

The Minars, The Mahals, The Forts

Each embrace a story...

Each evoke an allegory

Life is nothing but a continuum

Leaving relicts in these monuments

Legacy tries to raise its voice

Ethnicity tries to make a point

We are what we are today

Because of what we were yesterday

Never forget the past...

Never forget the culture

Never forget the lost..

Never forget the heritage

Hold them close to the heart

Because....history repeats itself!

POETS  UNITED: Midweek Motif ~ Heritage Day


Laurie Kolp said…
Yes, indeed... history does that.
Jae Rose said…
Great tag line...(and Heading) as Laurie says..it certainly does
Susan said…
I like how this poem reaches down the page using repetition to drive home the
continuum of history. Sometimes I'd like to forget the past to forge a new future--or I'd like others to forget their past. It's not going to happen.
Nimi Arora said…
History does repeat itself.
That includes the mistakes we keep making... is it our way of making sure that history is repeated?

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