Just don't think......

Trying to look within

Trying to gaze the thoughts

Trying to fathom the  depth

Nothing seems similar

The sun.. the light

The moon.. the wind

Matter evolves each day ...

Into a different shades

Just like me...

Keep changing..

As long as change is for better

But who will decide

The one who changes


The one who see

Everything can't be fixed

Everyone can't be judged

Life is that law

Where every rule abides by the God

Just don't think

When, where, why and how

Life is a flow...just learn to keep your head high

Just learn to go with the flow! 

For Poets United, Poetry Pantry #246


Sanaa Rizvi said…
Full of depth & intensity! Absolutely exquisite :D
Wishing you a very happy Easter :D
totomai said…
as they say, the only constant thing in the world is change
Mary said…
Such wisdom you have written here, PT. Despite the changes within us and outside of us, as you say---we should go with the flow.
Gabriella said…
Your words are an invitation to welcome changes rather than bemoan them.
Jae Rose said…
What a wise and joyous poem
Sumana Roy said…
yes...just be......that's the key to comfort and peacefulness...
G L Meisner said…
Yes the power of the flow is strong.
R.K. Garon said…
poetry and advice needs an advocate :-) well written.

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