I am a saint

Maybe I don't do any big things
But certainly I do my things
Things I ought to do

Being a daughter...being a sister
Being a wife...being a mother
Being a colleague...being a friend
Being a relative being a neighbor

I have never complained
I have ever compromised

I cry I suffer silently
Sharing only happiness with others

Yes I don't achieved anything big
But I have always shown big heart to people around me

Yes I have not done any charity
But I have always considered peoples whims and wishes

No Church no Pope is required to endorse me
No law no rule is mandatory to approve me

Being a woman...I am entitled


Jae Rose said…
Saintliness is not in the big things - it's the the everyday kindness and consideration we show - perfectly put!
Uppal said…
LOVE the sentiments.
Susan said…
Women like you--who know their worth and know the inner control and the giving heart--will heal the world by working in your own spheres. Bit by bit, this quiet love spreads. Bravo!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, women are the givers of the world.......I love this, PT. Unsung heroes!!!
PT said…
Thanks for the appreciation
PT said…
Thank you dear!
PT said…
Thank you Sherry...we all are together in this verse!
PT said…
Sincere Thanks
PT said…
Wow....your words are more worthy than my verse. Thanks Susan...for giving me so much strength by your graceful view on my poem.
vanderloost said…
True. Saintliness lies in doing everyday things right and conscientiously
Mary said…
I like your attitude! Really SO many saintly women among us.
PT said…
I want to add...not so many Mary
I feel every woman is a saint...in some or other stage of her life
what say?

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