Let the heart guide mind...

Words take a plunge
Thoughts emerge and evaporate
Holding your feel close to heart
I sit in solitude

Life is enormous...we mere tidbits
Sometimes we win time
Sometimes time wins us
It's all matter of your grey matter
What signals it receives and what it interprets

Never depend wholly on thought
Thoughts belong to upper territory
They can't reach heart...
Never blindly believe in heart
Heart's depths are exotic territory

Let the heart guide mind
Let the thought mend with feel
Let  the word become human!

(For Poets United Poetry Pantry #292)


Jae Rose said…
Sometimes we win time..Sometimes time wins us - wonderful line in this thoughtful poem..trusting our hearts is usually more accurate than risking the debates of befuddled grey matter!
Mary said…
We are definitely tidbits compared to the WHOLE of life! And our thoughts do come and go in a progressive kind of way. When they become human, they are at their utmost. Profound thoughts here!

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