Love is rainbow

Keep the unreal away from real
Keep the hate away from love

Life is tricky.. Often makes you to believe in unavailable

Hate is can't sustain time
Hate has zero value

Love is is time immortal
Love is priceless possession

Don't thrive in hatred
Don't live in grey shades..

Make love life's principle
Love is rainbow...add color to life

Love as if life is nothing without love
Live as if love is the elixir of life!

For Poets United Poetry Pantry #295


Gillena Cox said…
Springs of wisdom

Happy Season of Easter

Much love...
PT said…
Thanks for your good words
PT said…
Thank you dear
Jae Rose said…
This one raises the rafters - such passion and joy - and we can love many things to make life worth living - even words ;)
Mary said…
Really...we HAVE to believe that love is stronger than hate, that love can overcome hate. Wise words in your poem, PT.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I especially like "Love is rainbow". Yes, it is what counts, and what arises in the midst of every dark event, to counteract the darkness with light.
PT said…
true...even words, just like yours!
PT said…
Thanks a lot
PT said…
Thank you so much Mary... I think this is the need of hour.
we all have to believe in love to have a peaceful world!
PT said…
Very true...specially with referece to the Brussels event
C.C. said…
"Make love life's principle"---yes!
Such beautiful words especially that last stanza...words to live by!
Maya said…
I'm totally agree with you: life is tricky and colorful :) Inspiring poetry!

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