Secretly Together!

In the secret world of thoughts
You and me are everlasting

Just like two free alphabets
Without making any words
Just like two free atoms
Without entering in to any bond

We wonder in the realm of thoughts
Day and night endlessly...

Separation is for the physical entities
Not for the free radicals...the souls

No one ever could find us..... our secret
Our secret relation...our so called status
Where we are still together...

You and me...close enough to feel the presence
Secretly meeting....uniting in our thoughts
Forever like that....secretly together!

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Secrecy


Susan said…
"Separation is for the physical entities
Not for the free radicals...the souls"

WOW! This secret relationship, wild and free and imaginary, can be more pleasurable than lived reality.
Jae Rose said…
What a wonderful poem - and secret - particularly love the idea of two free alphabet not making words and two free atoms not making bonds - it conveys a sense of independence and respect which a good partnership can enhance - superb write!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Very cool, being united in thoughts and minds, while not together. Truly a freeing kind of love.

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