Take thought towards heart

Each day raise the hope
Each day increase the faith
Take thought towards heart
Giving full credit to heart
For making life steady fast

It's never too late in life to learn
It's never too late in love to yearn
Take time to feel what moments say
Take time to hear  what silent stories say

As for the moments... They just pass by
Leaving all the memorable stories of the time gone by
Hold one silent moment close to heart and guard
As there lie... Life's peace and joy

(For Poets United Poetry Pantry #302)


Jae Rose said…
The last line sums it up perfectly - life is all about the little moments - it takes wisdom to see them and hold them close
Vinay Leo R. said…
Inspiring and hopeful. :) We could always use a little more faith, a little more hope. To make the journey of life not just possible, but enjoyable.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Centering in the heart is wonderful advise.....then all of life's moments become beautiful memories. Lovely thoughts in your poem.
Sanaa Rizvi said…
Such a stellar last line :D
Panchali said…
Inspiring and unforgettable, PT!! Enjoyed reading..
Thanks for the reminder that lateness is a state of mind!
PT said…
thanks for taking the very essence of my lines!
PT said…
Thank you so much Sherry!
PT said…
PT said…
Thanks for the good words
PT said…
Aha...you can interpret..the way you want1

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