Don't Postpone Happiness

Why is that we always fix a target for everything in life?
Why is that we fix a norm for every thing we do?
Why is that we always long for things which are not in our hands.
When we are young our parents plan for us and fix the terms!
And as we grow up we ourselves start fixing the terms!!

We fix a target for everything, rather anything we do
education , marriage, children, job, friends, relations…
And above all, for the life itself…..
“I am not going to be happy”…..unless it is going to be like this….
We make happiness conditional ….
Thereby life also conditional.

We seek happiness in life by achieving something
Rather than being ourselves,
Living our own life as it comes…accepting it as it is…
We forget that life has got both…..
Highs and lows…we forget that.. life is a wave!
We want to fix the boundaries..
We want to control the flow..

We try to decide when we want to be happy
We postpone enjoyment in everything we do……
Till it reaches a particular level….
We train our brain like that…!
We for get to feel the little enjoyments everyday brings in…
We wait for certain accomplishments to celebrate…..
We wait for certain achievements to make us happy….

It’s not that that ones we achieve……
We are going to be happy permanently…..
We again fix the targets …
We again long for some more things
It’s a never ending process..

Why do we want to go in plains…..
When traveling in hills and valleys...,
With all their beauty is more enchanting…….

So, don’t fix the terms for being happy...
Rather learn to be happy in what you have …right now…..


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