Today some one compared my laughing with lightning and thunder
Just like lightning is followed by thunder
Laugh first reaches the eyes, followed by ears
Because, we all know…. that light travels faster than sound.

Its true… the other person will be first attracted to…
The glow brought in your face by the laugh,
Then listens to the melodious sound it carries ...

As I have observed many a times
A laugh rarely go unnoticed
Most of the times it has a reciprocation.
It always gives you something
Something more than just a laugh..

It gives you warmth!
It gets you affection!
Takes you high!
Makes you sigh…!!

What not…
Sometimes small things
Sometimes big things
Sometimes a laugh will give you everything…
Everything you want..

But more than all these things
It just struck me today that
There is something more special about laugh

When you laugh… before anyone receives it
You yourself will receive….
Receive in plenty….
Plenty of happiness before you make the other person happy
Plenty of confidence before you give support to other person
Plenty of relief before you take away tension of other person
Laugh sure brighten up your day before livening up other persons day.

So keep laughing……..

Laugh like Lightning...
Laugh like Thunder.....
To your hearts content!!!


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