Indians...Jai Ho!

Today morning I woke up to a remix of all kind of patriotic songs coming in full volume from loud speakers from all the four sides of my house.

Nothing much has changed….
The way the programs are conducted….
The way the schools celebrate …
The way the leaders give the speeches….and
Not even in the genre of songs…
I was listening to same old mere "desh ki dharthee"….
Since past 25 years or even more.

I think we are perfectly tuned for celebrating Independence Day!
Independent fully to celebrate according to our choice….
Sit at home watch Avatar and enjoy holiday,
Go to office to impress boss and get quick promotion,
Visit a friend/relative's home and use time wisely,
Wash your car/ clean carpet…
The list goes on, choices are plenty.

We Indians always know how to and where to be independent.
No one has ever complained…we all are very comfortable the way we are independent in India.

We can talk all bull shit about politics and certainly never bother to whom we are giving vote rather seldom bother to go and vote….one more holiday you see.

We can send SMS for supporting any stupid cause certainly never bother to know whom we are supporting …what are the implications.

We can call any day Bundh…. we torch busses, stop rails, boycott exams….. Irrespective of the repercussions.

We all take pledge to save Earth on internet poll, celebrate earth day once in a year …continue wastage of electricity and water.

We want Lokpal bill to be implemented…but seek our own means of getting things done.

And the list goes on…..

We Indians are really strongly independent…JAI HO!


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