Why to Explain????

Yesterday one of my colleagues miffed with me. She thought I have given some kind of complaint against her and without any queries held me responsible for the scolding she got from the boss.

First I was shocked to hear that... all of a sudden from her when I entered the room,
Then I felt bad as I was no way involved with that. Before I say something she left the room.

Immediately I thought I should go to her and explain that I am no where involved in the tousle.

The moment I stepped out suddenly somehow I realized that…
I am going to give her explanation about a thing which I am not a part of.

I could realize that...with her mere influencing character…
She could invoke the thought in my mind that I have done some mistake….
That means ….she has already won half a battle….

And if I really go and do the explanation means ….
I am accepting a thing which I have not done….
I am accepting that she is correct!

The moment I realized the thing….I stopped going to her room.
I have decided there is no need to go.

I really want to thank that lady.
I don’t know since how long….may be since ages….I have been doing that….
Trying to explain people things….which I have not done
Trying to pacify the things which I am not related to
I was the one …..Giving them a chance to win over me

Sometimes small incidents teach you big lessons…
So, I have learnt...
Hence forth I need not bother to explain things which I am not related to.

Let them do any kind of talk
Let them take any kind of action
It’s not going to make any difference to me

I need not explain…
It’s their botheration... if they proclaim something ….

Why to explain????


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