Estimation and Expectation....

Estimation and Expectation are two things that need to be tackled carefully!
Especially when it comes to relationships!

Actually the problem begins….
When you start estimating a person or expecting something from a person.

Because no two persons in the world can estimate….exactly same!
No two people on earth can give you exactly what you expect!

It’s more or less like Seesaw game
You estimate a person and then expect according to your estimation...
Rarely will you realize that only one thing can sit up in right place at one time!
It’s not at all possible to balance the two.

So….leave all inhibitions that you are so damn intelligent ….
You can weigh a person and give his/her attributes accurately!

It's not possible...
I think it’s not even possible to the God who has created us.
And possibly that could be the reason why so many mishaps occur in one’s life!!

So…If you wish to make the world around you happy...and want to be in peace with yourself!
Then immediately get rid of these two speculations from your life’s chart!

Life become a little bit smooth ride
What do you say????


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