Because it is a matter of heart!

I know some day I am going to get killed by some annoying person for all my strange thoughts!
Of course till that time I can freely think………..
Certainly thinking is the only thing which can be done freely…without any inhibitions.

Just now while having my lunch…I was thinking
“Why can’t a person have as many lovers as he/she wants?
Why we only restrict for one… ….
Of course I am not talking about to have only one throughout the life,
Now days it has become rather a rare sight.
But at least….most of us believes and practice one at a time.

One can have n- number of children, n- number of siblings, n- number of friends, n- number of neighbors and n- number of life partners, particularly wives…in some places at the same time.
But restriction comes only in terms of love interest…
You can’t tell that “I love n- number of persons” at a time.

When one can easily share his/her love among friends, children, brothers—sisters, relatives, colleagues… Everywhere…. then why not in case of lovers.

Why can’t one have more than one at a time?????????

Though the answer is simple….it becomes complicated…
Because it is a matter of heart!

Your body and brains can be compartmentalized….you can divide or multiply and add or subtract them as per the requirement; you can share them with all others!
Because all these relationships come with reasoning and responsibility!

Whereas when you love a person you just lovewithout any equation!
You love him/her without any reasoning!

Love is the only thing….which cannot be given in FIGURES to divide or multiply...add or subtract.
This has to be felt with the heart!

It’s a supreme state…
It’s an absolute bliss

And once you attain the state….you just can’t change …in the very next moment!

I think this may be the reason….for not going for more than one!

What do you say??????????


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