Still there is......

Still there is that me…
Hidden in the deeper layers
Trying to remind me of that wonderful childhood

The me that has a clear mind
Sometimes it comes with the real thought
The me that has a clean heart
Sometimes it comes with the real feel

Taking me in to the world of innocence
Bringing me in to the world of ignorance
Still there is that child in me

No worries…no limits
No targets…no bargains
Life use to be as plain as a new slate
Mind used to be fearless…
Heart filled with nothing but joy!

Everyday learning new lessons
Everyday making new changes
Life has never been same
Growing up brought adjustments
Learning things brought confusion
Mind became narrow
Heart learnt the meaning of sorrow

Alas if I learnt then you are only for a season
I would have never tried to learn…
I would have never rushed to grow

Looking for those golden moments of childhood
Still there is that me…sneaking out sometimes
Making me beautiful……making me vivid!

Still there is that me!!

For Poets United, Midweek Motif ~ Poem For a Child


Susan said…
Like! I too wrote about the continued existence of the little one--not just for one season. I don't regret loss of ignorance, can't imagine living in a world with children who won't grow up, BUT! A dual nature is mighty fine.
Anjum Wasim Dar said…
'just right' I too would not rush to grow-lovely poem
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this poem. I wonder why children do rush to grow, as childhood is generally far superior to adulthood! I love the wholeness and joy of the memories in this poem.
Jae Rose said…
The core of our being stays the same, always good and true and looking for adventure...
G L Meisner said…
We rush to grow and then wish to not have done so. Human nature to want what we can't have.
marit said…
it sounds like you have taken good care of the child within :)

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