What A Day!

What is a day? rather when we call it a day

The day when we just live...

The day that we live with love


The day that one we love to live

Sometimes I feel What A Day!

Sometimes I say "what a day"

Certainly some days become The Day

It involves so many factors...

How we spend that time

With whom we spend time

What we lose...what we gain

Bidding farewell to someone close to you...


Hugging someone whom you met after a long hiatus

Life is all about that....

All those little moments

Where you achieve something...

Where you remember someone....

Where you remind some body....that you are there  

Life is all about those small pleasures

When you meet some one

When you express yourself

When you will be just you....

Go gather all those moments and all those pleasures

Go have your days count based on all those tiny accomplishments....minute embellishments

Go count your life!


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