Holding your thought

Memories of yours swing in my mind
Just like hanging sword on my neck
Neither they allow me to die
Nor they allow me to live in peace

I don't know..why I can't remove YOU from my thought

Maybe you are so deep in my mind
Buried under countless memories
Maybe you are so hard in my brain
The soft feels are afraid to rub with you

Maybe you are so archaic in my time
You are the beginning of all my memories
Maybe you are so fresh in my  life
You are the end of all my thoughts

Maybe you are so significant dear
Epitome of all my being

So... you are still there, in my memories
Hanging like a sword on my neck

And, I am still here.....
Holding your thought...close to my heart! 

For Poets United, Poetry Pantry #291


I think sometimes one just has to surrender to surrender to what is instead of trying to fight it – knowing that time is the only real help.
Jae Rose said…
Those in-between states are so hard to bear - you describe most poetically - i hope the sword doesn't have to fall before the choice is made
Sumana Roy said…
some indelible memories are just like that...
Susan said…
Now that is a dilemma I recall, loving something/someone harmful to me or related to me that I should leave, but cannot--and even when physical space is possible, those memories need lots of work!
R.K. Garon said…
Yikes! You'd better get out of there ! :)
You captured the situation vividly.
humbird said…
So strong image...some connection from past life?...anyway, the lesson to learn, and maybe it's time to create a new link in the pattern of the relationships...

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