People see this...
The outer hard crust of me
Never realize that
There lies a molten core beneath the surface
True I am the Earth

People raise doubts...
The unlimited territories of me
Never recognize that
There is a horizon that gives me the finite
Yes I am the Sky

People ask questions
The uncontrollable behavior of me
Never relate that
Unless pressure released, I can't sustain regime
Exactly I am the Ocean

People seek answers
The unmindful dealings of me
Never understand that
I shift directions to keep steady world
Right I am the Wind

People put queries
The engulfing fierce nature of me
Never appreciate that
With me the stars shine, the life evolves
Perfect I am the Fire

People simply forget
God made nature first,
Earth is first to originate,
People entered later to that

People forget evolution history
People ask simply "who am I"?

Let me answer this one time
Let me tell the truth...

I am nothing in the world
I am every thing in the universe
I am every bit of the universe

(For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Identity)


Sanaa Rizvi said…
Powerfully expressed!!
Sumana Roy said…
how beautifully you've given voice to each personality...a very unique take on the the close....
Jae Rose said…
We are indeed specks in the universe - hopefully shiny ones though with our little place and worth
Anonymous said…
excellent,no one can describe mother earth better than this.congrates
Mary said…
The last stanza of your poem was excellent. The idea of each person being nothing in the world, but every bit of the universe filled me with awe! This is one of my favorites of yours, PT. So well thought out and expressed.
moondustwriter said…
A wonderful journey you take us beyond ourselves...

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