"Mother Earth"

Every day I witness
Every moment I feel
How man has changed the world
How he is manipulating the nature
"Mother Earth" remains in books and words

Winds are  taking different turn
Temperatures are scorching high
Farms are drying without rain
People die with parched throats

True, we all witness
We all witness... silently
We face problem but never try to solve
We think of safe present
Least bothered about coming generations

Hey listen ....
You just can't sit and watch
You just can't be a mere spectator
You just can't be a witness

A witness is a witness
When he can take a stance
A witness is true witness
When he can win the situation

Remember my friend....
"As you sow so shall you reap"
Bring the witness alive till you get what you believe
Take care of your mother earth....
Nurture the nature which bestows us in abundance

As  nowhere you can find a place to replace....
Nowhere you can find another earth to retrieve

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Martyrdom / Witness


Jae Rose said…
A beautiful poem - the opening verse particularly moved me - so very true
Susan said…
"A witness is a witness
When he can take a stance
A witness is true witness
When he can win the situation"

I agree with this so much--at least strive to win. Witness must be an action as love must be an action to have meaning. Strong images lead into this powerful definition, much yearning follows. Thank you!
Sumana Roy said…
""Mother Earth" remains in books and words"...may be in near future that will be Her only dwelling place if we are not careful now...a very timely poem...
Myrna R. said…
I like the passion in this. Your words resonate with me and help me feel less helpless. Let us all take a stand.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, this is exactly the message mankind most needs to hear.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
PT, would you please email me at wildwoman2@shaw.ca ? I have a question to ask!
Amit Agarwal said…
Passionate and profound!
Very meaningfully timely too.

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