You love…you propose
I love …I accept
You and Me become “WE”
Commitment for life time

House becomes home
Dreams become reality
Happily ever after…
Not for sure….

Marriages are made in heaven
But experienced on earth

Quickly times change
Galore of responsibilities
Changing jobs...bringing up children
Buying flat...owning a car
Everything becomes priority
Somewhere in sustaining marriage
We become “You and Me” again

I suggest …you refuse
You change…I regret
Moment’s meltdown…
Love becomes mesmerizing memory
Dreams become screams
Marriage becomes adjustment

Still and me
Keep up our pace...
With life’s changing face
Walk ahead with faith
Move ahead with hope

I know…now I realize…
Getting married is easy
Staying married is tough

I think the very word of marriage ….
The sacred bond is the one which kept us together
For the past 25 years…
(May be for another 25 years too)

Love is not reflected in perfect times
Love is that which withstands the stormy weathers
Love is that which withstands the turbulent seasons

Weather change with season
But… now I know….Marriage is a lifelong season
You and I, may change like weather
But we are always together
Always together….


Susan said…
What a wonderful progression of ideas/events in this poem! My parents have been married for 67 years. I remember a miserable patch and then they fell in love again--a partnership for real.
Sumana Roy said…
I really love "Always together"...this is such a bond that little differences simply melt away...a beautiful poem, as always...
PT said…
Thank you Susan...thats what the bueaty of marriage is
Falling in love again ...with the same person!
PT said…
True always together
Till death do us part!
Jae Rose said…
Dreams become screams...yes indeed..maybe that happens whether married or not..i think to be together with someone through the light and dark must have it's gains..even if it's an imaginary someone it makes those screams seem honest and true poem
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh this is the real stuff of marriage - withstanding the stormy weather. A wonderful poem!
I sometimes wonder if profane bonds are stronger than sacred ones...
Great to survive the tough times so well.
Anonymous said…
beautiful worded saga of marriage,the last three lines are essence, true reflection.

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