Precious Moments

Just now I read …..”happiness is momentary
That is the reason why it becomes precious”
Then why can’t we treat sadness,
also momentary for that matter..,
As precious as happiness?

It’s all the mind game…….

Though happiness is momentary
You can always relive the moments of happiness
You can relish the thing again and again
Those moments refresh your body
They soothe your senses
Brings you a sort of contentment..
You ask for it more and more!!!

Though sadness is also momentary
You never ever want to look at those moments
As they will drain your energy
They will make you depressed
Those moments will bring you a sort of dissatisfaction
You never wish to repeat such moments in your life…

But just I started thinking......
Is there any way by which we can make
all the moments of our life as precious, irrespective of
whether they represent happiness or sadness?

It may not be possible all the time
But if make little effort to retaliate
and try to make out the reasons behind the
happenings which brought you the sadness,
and try to learn a lesson or two from that particular moment......

I think we can even turn moments of sadness
also into the precious ones to some extent.

What do you say?


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