Act Spontaneous

People often commit one mistake
They plan for doing something extraordinary
They think of doing something so perfect that….
They miss the real timing and end up with something else,
They get something different than the actual thing.

The problem is not committing the mistake
The problem is never realizing that they have committed mistake.
Of ‘course I know pretty well that....
One is not going to gain something big by doing right thing at right time.
But definitely they are going to lose the actual value of doing right thing at right time.
It’s nothing but the satisfaction, the feeling of completing the task in right moment, in the right manner.
The person, who has achieved this, only can really understand what I am saying…
It’s all together a great feeling.

So my dear friends never postpone a thing or try to plan for a thing
Act immediately, act on your impulse.
If you want to say sorry…. say sorry immediately
Don’t wait for a day, when it no more has same effect.

It’s not just saying sorry….its applicable to everything you do
Whether going to see your best friend or going to Say “I Love You” to dear one.
Everything has a perfect timing
Don’t postpone it….It will lose its value
Don’t plan for it…. It will lose its charm

Act spontaneous!!
Whether its love or hatred!!!
You will be relieved that you did!!!!!

क्योंके “आनेवाला पल जानेवाला है ”!!!!!!!!!!!


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