“Assumption” is the word struck to me, when I started thinking
about the reasons for all the happenings of life, whether it’s good or bad.
Assumption is like a preconceived idea regarding anyone or anything.

The first mistake we all commit in life is…..
We often approach a thing or a person based on an assumption,
The second one is …we expect something based on that assumption.
We never realize that when the very assumption is wrong
Then there is every possibility of our expectations also going wrong.

An assumption is like mirage, yet it makes us believe that
we are seeing an absolute thing.
And then, we yield to it again and again,
Never ever making even a slightest effort to see beyond the assumption.
Our thinking, there by our living, becomes
so narrow once we start assuming things
that we lose the track of an absolute path.

We never try to act on our impulses, our intuitions, our senses
with which we are bestowed with....
We forget that we are humane, we practically live like machines
based on certain strategies to guide us.
We never want to take risk,
We never want to think,
Definitely we never want to go in a new path,
Because, we assume that the known path is always better to adopt.

We want to have a comfortable life
by assuming things according to our choice
And at the same time we expect things to be on our side all the time.

How foolish we are?

How can one, who can’t take the risk of new vision based on sense(s),
expect to see the pristine world
He/she has to compromise with the world of fantasy only….
No meaning in making hue and cry….when your expectations go wrong
Unless you realize and restart your life in a new direction
with all your sense(s) and definitely not based on your assumptions.

What do you say?


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