The Ultimate Tragedy

I was just wondering what is the ultimate tragedy in one’s life.
If I ask the question, the answer may vary from person to person.
But if you can think little deep, then you can really understand the thing.

It’s not that you losing someone dear
It’s not that you don’t gain something big
It’s not that you won’t get what you wanted
It’s not that you didn’t met with your expectations
It’s not the biggest physical abuse you have ever faced
It’s not the worst mental trauma you have to pass through.
It's definitely none of these....

Because, there is always a way out to overcome each one of these in our life
People survive for so many years, even after all these tragedies,
So, this itself is a proof that they are not the ultimate tragedies in life
by which life becomes void.

Then what is the ultimate tragedy of life?
According to me, the most tragic thing to happen in one’s life is…..
To know what is going to happen.
It appears very simple at the very first instance
But as I said, if you can stretch your imagination a little bit more than normal...
You yourself can understand that, life’s very charm lies in its uncertainty.

This that one thing which makes us continue this life
Uncertainty regarding tomorrow….
We never knew what is going to happen the very next moment
and that keeps us guessing and moving.

The moment you lose it......
There is nothing called life.
If you have a known plan for everything you do
If you know everyone you meet
If you know the taste of the food you eat
If you know the job profile at each stage
If you know the other people’s reaction for what you say
If you know the statement going to come after your comment, etc.. etc..

Everything becomes monotonous
There won’t be any difference between you and a school time table
Each subject is fixed for fixed time.
So, routine...
And that is the most tragic aspect of one’s life.
Having a perfect planned tomorrow.
Then, there won’t be anything to look forward to.

And my advice to all you girls and guys over there…
Never ever be so meticulous in your life!
Go with the flow and enjoy the moment!!


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