Short…Is Sweet…

Yesterday I was travelling in an APSRTC Bus….
It was about one and half an hour journey.

With new metro-liners providing front to front seats
I can comfortably observe the persons
sitting in my front seat.

There was an old lady with her granddaughter sitting next to her.
On the way, whenever she comes across with any
Religious structure/ idol/ temple
She was faithfully offering her prayers from the window.

And in my city there is no dearth of such things
For every 5-10 minutes one can find one such thing.
It was quite interesting to observe her performing all
namaskars with such a devotion even from distance.

After some 30-40 minutes…she has diverted her
attention from outside view of the bus to inside,
And started carefully observing all the individuals
sitting and standing around her.

She slowly initiated conversation with some children
sitting and other ladies standing…
And as I have seen… she was really enjoying
the immediate world around her.

The bus has yet to reach her destination…
Still there are plenty of temples to see through window
Still she can offer prayers…..

But no….she was not doing that…
God is no more her preference…
She now has more interest in indulging
in talk with people around her.

In this journey …this old lady has taught me…
One simple philosophy of life
In subtle yet profound way!!

Let one have a better… rather best thing at hand…
But ...still… if one has it for more time than required
It will lose its importance.

Even God will lose his sheen…
If we repeatedly have his dharshan.

It’s same Lord Venkateswara everywhere…
But it’s only Tirupathi which pulls millions of
people every day.
Because… there we get only a glimpse of God…

It indirectly tells us…
As long as anything is short…its sweet…

And ….being so….
Its importance will last for more time.



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