Just a day before I have mentioned that how
We commit mistakes by framing a thing before seeing the ACTUAL picture.

Today the CBI has done the same thing in Aarushi Talwar murder case.

Now, the special CBI Court held that "visible evidence" could not be ignored in making her parents accused and to stand trial in the case.

What happened to this "visible evidence" in earlier investigations?
It seems that the CBI has become ignorant at that time.

So, it has taken a new team, with a new outlook
To flip the case from that side to this side.

If one more team is deployed to investigate this case..
Certainly it will reveal some other story.

Whether it’s an organization or an individual
The problem comes when they go about a thing
Based on certain preconceived ideas...

One should always have the vision to see the other side,
The other possibilities, the other options….
When dealing with a thing!

Otherwise one will just land up like CBI !!


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