“Human” - “Super Human”

I have just seen latest movie advertisement of
James Cameron with the tag line …..
The only way to “out” is down….

Probably this is true…
It is very true that unless one realizes ….
The "ROOT" of the problem
One can’t come out of the problem…

We often forget to concentrate on
The core of the problem

We go on think about the unnecessary things….
What? When? Who?

We forget that in spite of all our analysis and conclusions
Nothing is going to change about the past

What is in our hands is ….
To understand the situation….
That is responsible for the problem.

Understanding the real cause alone will take us to the solution
And it will prepare us to face the future..
If such challenges repeat in life.

Repenting won’t do anything good..
We have to learn from our mistakes

Once you accept and realize the cause
You are rest assured for life time….
You will never repeat the mistake again……

Of course there is always a scope for new mistakes……
But it’s O.K …..

We should never forget that...
After all we are human...

And ..
To err is “human”

But I say....
To accept it is “super human”

What do you say???


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