Save Earth!! Save Yourself!!!

I am a doctorate in geology.
Geology is a passion for me.
I think geology is the only subject which makes you
In tune with Yourself, Nature and God.

Today I was busy preparing lecture notes/ power point
As part of training schedule for new recruits of my office.

Once I started noting down the definitions,
The rock types, minerals, textures etc.
I felt nostalgic of my college/ university days.

Really it’s a kind of a simple delight…..
To go down the memory lane.

The way I chose geology as my subject
The way I learnt the composition of Earth….
The different layers of it…
Knowing about the plate tectonics….
Everything so enchanting!!

The way I began the study of rocks/ minerals…
The vibrant colors, the varied textures
The crystals, the shapes…..
All mesmerizing!!

The silly tricks by which we used to remember the composition of a mineral,
The short codes by which we used to remember the stratigraphy of an area,
The secret signs on rock samples/ thin sections by which
We use to identify them during practical class.

It’s really a great pleasure to study geology both at graduation and post-graduation.

I always feel that...
A geologist is some one really great….

It’s only a geologist who can see the colors
no artist can visualize,
It’s only a geologist who will know
why a mountain is rising,
It’s only a geologist who can interpret
where a quake can come,
It’s only a geologist who can estimate
the age of a rock,
It’s only a geologist who can tell
where a deposit is and why.

The list is soooooooooo…. Big!!
I can go on tell….
I better stop here.

Whenever I think…..geology,
I feel proud…that I have elected a right subject!

By choosing geology…
I know better about the nature that surrounds me
I can understand its processes much better…
I know how much important… it is… to restore it,
To keep the Earth intact.

I appreciate if every one of you
Try to understand about our planet Earth!

Do a little bit on your part to save Earth!
Keep it vibrating!!

It’s for our sake!

Because we are nothing
Without Mother Earth!!

Save Earth!!
Save yourself!!!


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