Being an idiot by nature...
I have done it again!

I don’t know the exact reason...
Everything can’t be explained!

So, I have done it again...
Believing you!!

May be you are like this, since the day one
Calculated, constructive, conservative…

I know… I am unchangeable
Ingenuous, inoffensive, inventive….

When you are firmly grounded...
I will be flying in clouds!

When you are sitting atop hill...
I will be found in deep-sea!!

How can I approach you?
You are rigid with your thoughts!

How can I confront you?
You are stern with your actions!

Our ways are separate...
Our aims are different...

I want to live in present!
You dwell in the past!!

You construct castles!
I lean on grassland!!

Ambiguity can’t hold relationship for long!
Now you and I can’t walk along!!

You better go ahead!!
I better remain in solitude!!!


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