Blessing in Disguise

Last week I met with an accident.
Unable to move with injuries all over the body,
especially without glasses (broken during accident)
I have really become disabled.

No going out, no watching TV, no reading books,
no internet browsing.
This incident has forced me to sit at home without work.

After a long time I really got some time.

I realized the meaningfulness of all little things
I use to do so casually without ever realizing the importance.
Whether it’s combing of hair or stretching of hands, holding a tea cup or chewing food.

I realized, only when I lost the control of doing things as per my wish, as per my choice…..

I realized how I tend to ignore things /people/ facilities/ and more importantly each and every minute part of my body which without my order so orderly does all the things for me.

I could really do some meaningful introspection;
rather it’s a kind of critical analysis of
nature, life, people and situations
which control all these things.

Suddenly life appears more resourceful….

When everything is fine we don’t even remember GOD,

Only during the worst situation,
The best part of the life comes out….

What do you say?


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