In this many days of my planned life!
In this much dose of silent memories!!

I could not recollect…. when and where I met you!!!

But when I look back….

There is no single moment….
Which I spent, without you!!
There is no single path…..
Which could separate you and me!!

There is no enjoyable thing….
Which I did without you!!

There is no place….
Where I took shelter without you!!

The room where I sleep will be complete void ….
Without you!!

Your thought is a thorn…
Which stands out in my rosy memories!!
You are the flavor of my daily routine!!
You are the knot….
That binds my luck strings!!!

I loved you
I criticized you
I hated you

I have invited you wholeheartedly
I have closed the doors on your face

But what is this?
Without you…..

There is
No place for me!
No joy for me!!
No identity for me!!!

Inspired by poem “Neevu” of
Devarakonda Balagangadhara Tilak.


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