Nothing Starts Quicker Than Kindness…

Kindness doesn’t require any introduction, it’s as glaring as Sun. Yesterday I came across with a person who has exemplified this...a person need not be eminent to show generosity.

Now let me tell the incidence…One of my close relative is ailing since past one week. His condition is quite demanding and we have been adviced to consult the number one specialist in the field for his opinion. On our enquiry we came to know that the least time required getting the doctors consultation is one week. We were quite shattered to hear the news, as per our case we must visit him.

Then I came to know about this guy, working as office bearer at registration desk of this big corporate hospital. Neither I met him nor did he see me. We are absolutely strangers.

Just to console myself, I made a trial and rang up his office. I gave the reference of the person who told about him and put forth my request, explaining him the condition of the patient.

He said he will try his best and asked me to give a call after 5 minutes. To my utter surprise he could arrange the appointment for next day morning i.e., today.
I have sent my people to the hospital without mentioning how I got an appointment, (they might be thinking I know some bigwig in the hospital), because I was having doubt regarding this consultation.

But to my utter delight my people could see the doctor, got cleared their doubts and returned home happily with satisfaction….courtesy this guy, hardly in his early twenties but having so generous heart, an absolute 100%.

It may not be a big thing to happen…but these little things only make life more appealing….people like SHRAVAN make us believe that still there is a thing called humanity.

The help may be small but you become big by rendering it when someone really requires it.
Do help someone in need and see it to believe it….
Nothing starts quicker than kindness…


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