Inspiration to Poetry!

People often put a query; rather they raise a doubt about my inspiration to write poetry.
Because most of the times its either love or philosophy of life.

I don’t exactly remember…the year but certainly at quite an early age….7-10 years….I started writing.
First it’s a kind of couplets either to tease or praise friends.
Then by the age of 13-15…it was something like following the lines some of my favorite poets …

I use to read a lot…Krishna Shastri, Nanduri Subba Rao, Sri Sri, Tilak, Shiva Reddy, Indraganti Mohan Sharma, Boyi Bhimanna etc…etc…..
Whom so ever I use to read, I use to try…. to write in their style.

To be frank poetry is inspiration to poetry!

Some time back also I have mentioned….
Love for the sake of love! Not for the sake of a person!
Live for the sake of life! Not for any particular reason!

Write Poetry for releasing your thoughts…what so ever,
Not with some single... inspiration!


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