Long back somewhere I read ….the difference between rest of the animals and man is …REASONING!
This is what makes him the ruler of the world!

But somehow I feel that… this is what makes him ruined!

Every time we do a thing…we try to figure out why?
We try to give a reason to each and every act of us
There by spoiling the whole process called… The Nature!

Once we are trying to put some stupid reasoning behind everything we do
Then there is nothing called... natural process!

Over the period of time we made reasoning as a tool!
We are trying to control the very life of us by reasoning!

Everywhere we use reasoning...
As a weapon! To safeguard us!
As a ladder! To reach high!
As drape! To hide mistakes!

A relative…or a friend…
A parent…or a child…
In love... or in life…

Reasoning is one thing that surely over rules!

Somewhere in giving logic to life!
We are missing the magic of life!

Why can't we forget logic sometimes…
Why can't we hold the question…WHY?

And try to act....at least some times...
Without any reasons!


It gives immense happiness!!!


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