When earth gets completely shrink!

When the sun sets… giving way to moon
When the world around me… gets into sleep
When the wind starts… singing the melodies of night
When the dim stars… start to look little bright

You embrace me silently…
Removing my lonely feel!

You share my dreams
You share my secretes

You unfold me slowly
In to the realm of sense!

I am afraid to see light
Because …I am worried
We part....!
As the night slowly melts!!

Of course…
It’s law of nature!
It can’t bring two contrasts together!!

It can’t give two things at a time
Autumn has to wait for spring
Day has to wait for night

Am I not mad to look forward to?
You and me being together!

One North Pole
One South Pole

Which could only meet….
When Earth gets completely shrink!


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