Time is the culprit!

Time is the culprit!
I think it’s the one which makes you to do all sorts of a thing.

It engulfs you like a damn dream!
It influences you like a mad desire!

It sucks you...
It salutes you…

In one moment, it will make you …a great lover!
And the very next moment… A great philosopher!

It will teach you… every day a lesson
It will give you…every day an experience
Sometimes it will make you an expert
Sometimes it will make you a pervert

So, next time when you think....
Either of yourself or someone else!
Just remember that..
It’s the effect of time!

Nothing is everlasting…
Love or haltered!
Everything is time bound!

With time… everyone will change!
Otherwise, still we would have been monkeys

What do you say?

So, blame time…not the person!
Wait for time to change!
And its time….
It will definitely change!

So, as on today…ENJOY …whatever good things time is giving to you!
Have a nice day!


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