Oxbow lake...Cut off …. After certain period!

I told once…Geology is the only subject which makes you in tune with yourself, nature and god.
There are so many geological processes which on close observation are similar to human relations.

Long back I studied geomorphology….may be when I am in M.Sc previous….but still....I remember the stages of river development…the morphological features characteristic of each stage.

I feel there is a similarity between the stages of river development and human relationships!
Especially the mature stage where we study about development of oxbow lakes.

An oxbow lake is a U-shaped body of water formed when a wide meander from the main stem of a river is cut off to create a lake.

As a mature river begins to curve, it cuts and erodes into the outside of the curve and deposits sediment on the inside of the curve.
Similarly with humans….
As we grow old…we are engaged in lot of hectic activities of the outer world that... we will be slowly filled with vacuum inside.

A river meanders widely, when it reaches a low-lying plain, often in its final course to the sea or a lake.
Persons similarly experiment to go side track….when they know…they are nearing the end of life without much achievement…and that too when they thoroughly know that the main route is severely abraded!

In mature stage of a river, over a period of time, the meander becomes much curved, and eventually the neck of the meander will touch the opposite side and the river will cut through the neck, cutting off the meander to form the oxbow lake.
Again…I feel, similarly… we develop some relations at the (st) age of maturity…where we actually meander from the main stream of our life!

They are all short term meanders from the main course....but yet...we take them!

Though they are part and parcel us…. After certain period....
We have to cut off them!

Alas …but it's nature’s law!

One should not forget that...Our destination is pre-fixed!
It’s the big ocean of life…not the oxbow lake


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