Freedom To Live My Life!

Have you ever thought…
How life will be?
When you are not following yourself!
It will be so much agitated and frustrated.

Right now I am in the same condition,
I want to get liberated from this confused state of mind!

It’s just wandering…all around
Just like a missing child …searching for mother!

If it’s really possible …
I want to get back to that stage….
When I was quite happily enjoying life in my mother’s womb!!
Quite and warm… Experiencing all sorts of things
Without my involvement... without bothering about anything!

Wah…really life is life…
When you are really able to do things without bothering about the outer world!

But now… once I came out and started living as an individual….
I feel somewhere I lost the connection,

Not only with the umbilical cord
But also with the the cord of freedom

Freedom to live my life!


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