Feelings can’t stand time!

Cooking teaches a lot of lessons of life!
Only one should have a critical observation, as I told earlier!

Today morning while cooking,
Suddenly I realized …. Why so many relationships go sour…
In spite of having all the ingredients!

Whether it’s cooking or relationship, I feel…
It’s only a matter of timely putting the required ingredients
So that you can savor!

Everyone has a set of requirements and each individual has a specific frequency
You have to know his/her requirement and understand that frequency
So that a particular thing can be done in a particular sequence….for that person!
And it’s a fundamental requirement to nurture the relationship….to allow it to grow!

Most often people say that “I am giving everything required in a relationship…then what’s the problem”
Whether it’s...
MOTHER-DAUGHTER or it can be a friend to friend!

You have to give them a thing when they are in need of that particular thing
Neither when you find time to give nor when you feel like giving!

Time matters in everything!
It appears so silly….but whether its money/ love/affection or a simple hug
The timing of your action is very, very important in a relationship!

Feelings can’t stand time!

Nobody is interested to hold emotions
Rather I would say no one can sustain them for long

So try to be there…when they require you!
Otherwise time will erase the feeling!!
And the relationship will become sour and worthless!!!!


S Jayanth said…
wonderfully said.. the 'cooking' metaphor just puts everything in place..

i'd rather say, time will erase the desire to express thw feeling, not the feeling itself. :)
Megs said…
rightly said ... ! getting something when u really need it.. .makes all the difference!!! even to the worst conditions!


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