I am blogging…because I am confused!

Last week I was talking to a good old friend of mine after quite a long time
During the conversation when I mentioned that I just finished writing a poem
The immediate reaction was…
”So, you have not yet stopped confusing people”!
(His intention was about my writings)
Then I casually replied….
“When I am, myself, confused!
How can I confuse anyone else?

But, afterwards when I started thinking seriously…
I really got a serious doubt…
Am I really confusing people through my blogging?
Or I am blogging…because I am confused!

But after sometime
It seems so logical…that
All the people …ok…I know…most of you may not accept…
But…I still strongly feel that
Most of the people those who blog are in some sort of confusion!

It may not be a big one/serious one….but somewhere something is lacking in their lives!
Which they are trying to find out through blogging!!

It may appear simple to the other person…but for that particular person…the confusion becomes rather complicated one!
It can be anything…just like….
The confusion to place…themselves in this world!
The confusion to find their distinctiveness among masses!
The confusion to get hold of things in their sphere of life!
The confusion to unearth their identity….that is not identical to people around them!
Whatever you think…there is certainly some sort of confusion to prove!
Prove that they are unique and not ubiquitous!!

Here, through their blogs….
They are trying to reach out to their set of people…
They are trying to find some similar thoughts/ ideas/replies
Whatever…they can get…
It may be an even little comment!
(I know how one feel encouraged)

We all (those who regularly blog)
Somewhere satisfy our EGO through blogging!

Nothing wrong…
We all are simple humans
We all expect…some support…some praise
And someone to hear what all we want to say!

So here we are ….blogging
What all we think…
What all we feel…
What all we see…

We can’t live without sharing
We can’t live without blogging

What do you say??????

Still confused!!!!!!!!!!!!


Megs said…
nice post ....
if blogging is a result of your confusion... we would rather wish fr u to stay confused.. so that u keep blogging ;)


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