Marriages are made on Earth!!

Twenty two years ago on this day ….
At the age of twenty, I left my house!
Believing a person totally…in pursuit of new life!

Today when I look back…
It looks so strange!

I still can’t make out exactly what is that one thing
Which made me to take such bold decision?
Marrying a person who is just opposite to me in all the characters!

I know...and I use to tell him during my courtship days that…we can’t get along...we are poles apart!
But in spite of all complications…
We are together…for the past 22 years!
Definitely a long period in any one’s life!

I have lost many of my original characteristics during this period and gained some new!
In total…I can’t exactly tell …whether I have gained or lost due to my marriage
Because I know marriage is not a business!

I know and I believe that…
Marriage is a commitment…
A lifelong commitment, as far as I am concerned!

It may not be love…it may not be attraction… it may not be liking!
After some time …in a relation what you require is ….
A commitment!

A relationship is going to sustain and flourish!
As long as you are committed…
What do you say?


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