My Heart Bleeds....The Voice of a Tree!

I never asked

When, where, why and who?

Someone sowed the seed
It could be accidental…

I grew up just like that!!

No one took daily care of me
Some rains now and then
Some sunshine on sunny days
I grew up just like that!!

I never blamed anyone for my life
I never expected anything in my life

All that I have….
I have been giving
Time to time…
Stage by stage
I have always tried to be
Of some use to you!!

When I look back
I have no regrets…

Because…all that I want is…
To be useful to you…
You mankind!!

But I never understand…
Why you people take me
Always for granted...

Why you never try to realize….
Realize the value of….
The shade I give
The fruits I bore
The flowers I offer

You cut me, you carve me
You burn me, you pulp me
Still I hold no grudges

But alas….
My heart bleeds….
When you just dump me
As the waste

Never realizing how much pains
I have taken to be in your hands!

I request people not to waste paper,  realize the value when things are at your hands 


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