It’s between you and me....

All through this many years..
I have done many mistakes….
I have done so many good things also

But I have never bothered after doing a good thing as much as I bother after doing a mistake.

I know it’s all relative with the people I deal…whether I pretend or they assume whether I have done a good thing or bad

But today...I just want to tell you, rather, make it a point to you…

Because you know everything I do...good or bad!

I know at the end of the day it’s not between me and some X, Y, Z

It’s between you and me

And you never gave me any hint what is good or bad according to you

I always consider anything that gives pleasure to me or others is good
Anything that makes me hurt or gives displeasure to others is bad

In fact I think…I consider most of the mistakes as mistakes with reference to others point of view ….the so called general opinion

Of course by saying so….I just don’t want to escape as being clean

I want to know whether you accept my perception or not 

Otherwise I should owe you explanation….if not for good deeds, certainly for mistakes I have done...All through in this many years of my life,  sometimes unknowingly and sometimes knowingly 

But whatever you say after hearing....

 My dear GOD...I will accept!

It’s high time you convey me your opinion in some or the other form to me.

Eagerly waiting for your reply....



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