Swoon ...

I may not see you ….
When I am happy,
Surrounded by crowds!

The moment I feel that,
I am all alone in this world
Always...you were next to me!

Holding my hand…
You take me to our world
Swoon me in the realm of…
Realm of true friend ship!

You never question my credentials
You never doubt my essentials
You never suspect my integrity
You never ask about my ability

You believe me...Just me
As I want to be believed!

You always know
What I want to tell
You always hear
What I want to convey

You accept me…Real me
As I want to be perceived!

I know dear
You were always there
You will be always there …
For me!

But let me take some time
To tell you once again, afresh!

You mean a lot to me
Our friendship is ….
Like an oasis to me
In this desert(ed) world!

 (For One Single Impression, Prompt:SWOON)


Oh to be so loved! Beautifully said!
Vandana Sharma said…
The most cherished thing in this whole world is :) A trustful person and the friendship that blossoms between the two persons unconditioally.
Brian Miller said…
smiles...those friendships are a beautiful thing...an oasis in a desert world for sure...smiles.
Gillena Cox said…
very endearing poem response; have a nice Sunday

much love...
Mary said…
Must be wonderful to have such a good friend. Very touching poem. I had a lot of trouble responding to your blog. So did someone else, if you will read the comments on Poets United. I could not get in with CHROME. Brian suggested IE, which I don't have on my MAC, but I tried SAFARI. I am sure others have problems too, thus you won't get a lot of responses. And there is no way to contact you. I had about given up..... The same thing happened with your Verse First poem on Wednesday.
PT said…
Extremely sorry Mary for all the trouble.
Even I am unable to locate where exactly the problem is
Anyhow I have changed the settings, hopefully now it will be easy for you and others to leave a comment.
Thanks for all those wonderful words.
Anand S Unni said…
Friendship is am an amazing feeling. Very well penned, it reminded me of my best friend. She believed in me even when all of the world doubted. That is what you get out of a friendship. It makes you strong.
Ramesh Sood said…
First two stanzas are essence of the poem...beautiful..for me that was enough....excellent..

Mary said…
I checked this morning once again and cannot comment OR see comment boxes if I am using CHROME, which I usually use. NO comment box appears at all on Chrome. I had to come back in through Safari again (which I am using ow), which I am not always willing to do. You might want to try visiting your own blog using Chrome and see what you see. Apparently those using IE or Safari can respond, but those using Firefox or Chrome cannot. And having no way of contacting you (as your profile leads nowhere) I am sure you are losing many comments you might have received. I could not comment on your poem on Wednesday either. Good luck to you. You might want to change your entire blogger template?
J Cosmo Newbery said…
It's a Labrador, right?
PT said…
your comment is enough...
your excellent means...more than words can express!
PT said…
I just used Firefox and there was no problem
any how I will change the template if you suggest
tell if something good comes to your mind
PT said…
Yah true, you guessed it right
Its name also you know...J Cosmo Newbery!

Just kidding
Enjoyed your comment!
hyperCRYPTICal said…
True friendship is a wonderful thing, and sometimes quite rare...
Anna :o]
Suzy said…
A kind of friendship we all want - wasn't sure though if you were talking of an earthly connection or a spiritual one - I took it both ways.

Dropping by from OSI
Suzy http://ilasoulpoems.blogspot.co.nz/

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