You pamper the demon....

Demons are …no different

They stay within us!  

They eat with us

They sleep with us

They walk with us

They  talk with us

Demons rest in us!

In fact we give them rest

We try to keep them calm

We try to make them happy

Demons demand us

All that they owe

The thoughts

The actions

The feelings

The emotions

In fact they owe…

The total you

You just follow the demon!

Rather…you have to follow!!


You don’t want the demon...

 To come out

You don’t want to show the world…

 Your ugly face

In fact...
You pamper the demon

So that it allow you…

To be what you want!

 (For One Single Impression, Prompt:DEMON)


J Cosmo Newbery said…
I'm starting to think I want to be a demon! They seem to get more pampering than I do!
Suzy said…
Loved J Cosmo's comment. But you are so right - we really do feed and pamper those demons. Real food for thought here. Nice one.
Dropping by from OSI
Brian Miller said…
there is truth in that...we all carry a bit of the demon in us...and def pamper it to keep it contained...better i guess than walking around in denial of it, eh?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Interesting perspective, thought-provoking. We try to appease the deep-inside, to keep it safely hidden.
I loved this--the demon inside me wants to be freed! (perhaps I have fed her long enough?)

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