Postmortems...never bring back life!


Whenever I use PC or Lap Top the most awesome thing I observe is getting back to….. original…
By  just clicking the undo button.
I always feel privileged that at least in writing I have the freedom to undo the things which I want to

Because being a think tanker I always think more than required…
Not only before doing a thing…
But even after doing a thing

I know pretty well that a thing done is done
No aspect of it is going to change….whatever amount of time I think about it

But I rarely forgo that process
Yesterday evening ….same thing happened
I just expressed a thing which I want to …
I thought about it at that moment and took the decision

But this mind is not taking rest
It thinks and thinks and thinks and thinks

Let  me tell you… 
All  this thinking I will be doing…
Consciously… knowing that I can’t change even a bit of it

I always feel that I should learn  to stop doing this art of analyzing things
I know very well that …it’s rather like searching for life in a dead body

I know not only me …so many follow same suit …
Thinking and thinking about things done, just like me.
Should have done like this…that and bla bla bla…
The list never ends…but one day life ends while you are still thinking

Friends…one advice…which I sincerely try to follow, but never succeeded.

Never ever foolishly imagine that life can be rewind
Always keep in mind clearly that there is no UNDO button in life

Think...if at all requires ….before doing anything
Don’t do postmortems!
They never bring back life!


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